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Product Features

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What's New

Integration Beyond Seismic

Version 4.8 is now available. The latest version of QI-Pro allows parallel analysis of multiple data types in our innovative and easy-to-use graphical approach.

In our previous release…

Version 4.7  keeps the interpreter top of mind. We know your time is valuable, so we incrementally improved responsiveness and provided more options for integration. Arrive at insights faster with helpful new features such as:

  • Build log tracks with drag and drop functionality and flexible scaling and labeling

  • Save your favorite templates for well-specific selection

  • Multiple options to optimize the usefulness of your log display on the classified volume

  • Add horizon, grid and culture layers to the map with intuitive tools

  • Numerous enhancement for the Petrel connector

Other Features You'll Love

Plugin to Petrel & DecisionSpace

Fully compatible with Petrel and DecisionSpace. You’ll be able to transfer your attribute volumes, horizons  and logs to QI-Pro. When your masterpiece of geological prediction is ready, transfer the results back to Petrel, with a complete audit trail of the interpretation process so the whole asset team can understand the classifications and implications.

Capture the Value of Rock Templates, Log Data, Core Results and More

...without having to learn new software.  Easily use well-data crossplots and rock physics templates you have already derived using familiar methods.  Our clever way of incorporating these guiding images is fast and easy. Don’t have time to create brand new templates? Borrow someone else’s from a published source - simply import the image and use it to guide and manipulate your cross plots.

Polygons for Classifying 

Utilizing flexible drawing tools, you can quickly drill down into a zone of interest and begin classifying immediately. The plots and diagram overlays allow users to quickly organize data points and characterize unlimited domains and dimensions in a single session testing multiple scenarios and polygonizing to your heart’s content. You can even use our unique nested crossplot workflow and characterize sub-classes of rock to optimize layer-specific rock physics or attribute relationships. Simultaneously see the big picture and the detailed compartments.

Machine-assisted Data Mining

We’ve embedded an algorithm that can help recommend the most important attributes based on the data you’ve imported.  Best of all, it’s a completely transparent process (not a black mathematical box), and you are 100% in the driver’s seat. Human intelligence maintains full control over the process.

Geology Prevails

The displays and workflows within QI-Pro are designed to immediately translate seismic attributes into geological terms. You can quickly classify volumes and see their relationship with well logs and core analysis to ensure what you do with your attributes is calibrated and realistic. The QI-Pro approach does not rely primarily on mathematical classification methods, but rather allows the user to incorporate their known understanding of the geology. Objective-driven workflows.

Audit Trail

Transparency provides confidence and reduces uncertainty. Engineers and geologists want to understand the methodology and the assumptions that went into the interpretation. QI-Pro captures your decision-making process and stores your templates and supporting datasets in a package that can be replicated in another project with similar objectives, or referenced by the results that are immediately imported into Petrel.


Attributes schmattributes… Who has time for that?

Many existing QI packages are complicated because they are designed for highly-trained specialist geophysicists, not the ‘consumer’.


These heavy-hitting applications can also be expensive because they give you the tools to do everything from log editing to theoretical rock physics modeling, from AVO and inversion to structural attribute generation, and everything in between.  Plus, they may utilize sophisticated mathematical classification schemes which often don’t obviously correlate to a meaningful geological setting. That undermines the true value of the quantitative work, creating doubt and uncertainty as to the relevance of seismic-derived attributes in reservoir characterization. In some cases, the automated workflows and advanced technology embedded in these packages creates a ‘Black Box’ voodoo effect where only a handful of experts truly understand how the calculations and algorithms produced the volumes. And the rest of the team are suspicious. Sound familiar?

We absolutely believe these sophisticated processes should be done by the experts in your team or by an expert service (like Sound QI’s consulting team), but realize the VALUE of these processes in QI-Pro.  Put a steering wheel and gas pedal on your race car, so you don’t have to be a high-performance engine mechanic to drive it.


If this describes your experience, you have a lot to gain from QI Pro.

The Experience

Did we mention how simple it is to use?


QI-Pro transforms geophysical and statistical analyses into geological information by simply changing the conversation from formulae and math into rock properties, formations, and geobodies. This transparency allows geologists and reservoir engineers to better understand how and which attributes correlate to the actual geological setting without requiring them to have a detailed understanding of theory and mechanics of geophysics or rock physics.

Not Your Mother's Seismic Reservoir Characterization Application

You’re current investment in RocDoc, SeisWare, Hampson-Russell, Jason, etc. is not in jeopardy by adopting QI-Pro. In fact, we simply utilize the products of any of these sophisticated technologies so you can rapidly expose any uncertainty and instantly start interpreting the results of your in-depth quantitative work. QI-Pro provides not only a powerful integrated interpretation environment, but also a mechanism for you to QC results from other software without tying up a (typically expensive) license to that other software. It also allows the hand-off between the QI geophysicists and the asset team to take place much sooner in the process which reduces uncertainty during reservoir evaluation, drilling program management and completion strategy design.

Reducing Interpretation Bias

QI-Pro reduces interpretation bias by allowing the geoscience team to collaboratively assess and utilize ALL of the available seismic attributes instead of relying on only an incomplete handful. This helps reduce ambiguity and increases confidence in the interpretation and modeling process. You can even QC the work of others to validate their attributes in the geological context of your well data, production data and field understanding.

Reveal Geological Details You Didn’t Know Were Possible From Attributes You Least Expected

Do you know what you’re looking for in each and every attribute you can create from your seismic cube?  Didn’t think so. Have you ever run into skepticism from your team when you claim to have found a link between good production and Attribute X?  We’ve seen that skeptical look too. So we invented QI-Pro to be geology-driven. When you work in QI-Pro, it’s easy to demonstrate and prove all meaningful attribute relationships even to some of the most obscure characteristics of seismic data, because you always start with the ground truth.  

Change your Attribute Game

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