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Personalized technical expertise for advanced seismic analysis, seismic petrophysics, rock physics, and attribute classification. 
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Our quantitative interpretation (QI) service transforms seismic data into useful products for reservoir character interpretations, which not only promote collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, engineers, and management, but also help establish net present values earlier, rank prospects, test scenarios, build a drilling inventory and investigate specific drilling locations. We use commercial software (with our own enhancements and additions), but deliver our service products in our proprietary QI-Pro software that immediately gives the whole team the power and flexibility to investigate and understand the results. 

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We have been providing these services for more than a decade and are known for our knowledge, experience, conscientiousness and integrity. 

Well-Data Crossplot Analysis

Seismic Data Crossplot for Well Analysis

Well data are crucial for understanding geological behaviour in terms of the elastic properties that are measured by both log and seismic data. Data from existing wells are used to make petrophysical crossplot templates, providing a plan for classifying the seismic attribute volumes. 

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Seismic Attribute Volume Creation

Seismic Attribute Volume creation

Reliable seismic measurements require careful attention to data preconditioning, model building, parameter selection, and quality control. This is the foundation of our work when generating AVO volumes from conventional or converted-wave data, performing pre-stack inversions for impedance and density, investigating multi-attribute analysis for specific rock-property predictions, or analyzing azimuthal or time-lapse changes. 

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Rock-Physics Modelling 

Seismic Data Crossplot for Rock Physics Modelling

Rock physics describes the relationship between rock properties and geophysical observations. Creating rock-physics models is valuable when little or no well data is available and when new scenarios need to be tested. Rock physics compliments well-data analysis to produce templates for seismic classification. 

Seismic Attribute Volume Classification

Seismic Attribute Volume creation

Seismic attributes contain valuable information, but it can be difficult to figure out what they mean. QI-Pro transforms seismic attribute volumes into universally understood reservoir interpretations -- in real-time. Classification combines the detailed work done to generate the attribute volumes with the interpretation guidance from the well data and rock-physics analysis. 

Considering QI?

Here are a few of the many ways in which Quantitative Interpretation can help extend the value of your seismic data and geologic understanding.

  • Good Well, Bad Well: Understand which attributes would have been the best indicators of the rock properties associated with actual production.

  • Identify and characterize fluids in place at varying degrees of resolution: regional-, wellbore-, and pore-scale.

  • Understand which parts of the reservoir have naturally occuring fracture networks or high brittleness and high porosity combinations - the zones that are the most likely to respond favorably to stimulation treatments.

  • Characterize porosity and pore aspect ratios to predict reserves in place and EUR. 

  • Identify and isolate anomalies in seismic response based on well log, core, and geological data. 

  • Evaluate completion strategies and analyze how the rock types from a group of producing wells and their corresponding completion program can be optimized. 

“Your work and software helped make a map that changed our development and drilling program completely. It put the company on a trajectory for success whereas the old development plan lead to failure.”

Reservoir Engineer / International E&P Operator


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