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Our Story

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Sound Science. Sound Results.

Sound QI.

Our Story

Chapter One

Our story starts with a computer crash more than a decade ago.  Laurie was consulting as a part-time seismic interpreter for a large oil and gas company.  She was running seismic inversions that, back then, took considerable resources and a considerable amount of time.  Unfortunately, these requirements pushed the limits of the computer equipment and network available at the time, and interruptions or disc failures were a fairly common occurrence.  



Our Team

Laurie Weston

A geophysicist on a mission to discover meaning from data.  Her degree in physics, early role as a seismic data processor, 15 years as an interpreter in various basins around the world, and innate curiosity have all aligned in Sound QI.

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Carl Reine

 As Sound-QI’s Chief Geophysicist, Carl is able to leverage his two decades of experience in both conventional and unconventional plays to unlock new insights for our clients.

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Martin Bawden

 Business Development Consultant.

Martin brings 37 years of geophysical sales to the team.

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Our Partners


Providing our international clients with regional support from sales through to insight and decision.


Providing clients with technology to improve workflows.


Our expanded team that ensures clients gain the most from their investment in seismic data.

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SAGA Wisdom
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