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Services & software to transform seismic data to geology

Seismic derived attributes in geological terms. 

Rapid Interpretation

Hybrid Intelligence enabled technology for maximum usefulness in minimal time.

Natural and vital component of a machine-learning, AI strategy.

Customer Care

Never a black-box. Expect transparency, always.

Waste Not

We use ALL the attributes to understand their relationships and reduce uncertainty.

Built for You

No matter your job title or department. Sound QI can help your team work together. 

Events, News, and More

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    Combining human expertise and machine learning


    Sound QI and Bluware Secure Strategic Partnership

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    Case Study

    Painted Pony

    Case Study

    Transforming Seismic Attributes Into Operational Insight

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    What, Exactly, are Seismic Attributes?

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    G&G Assessment

    What's your personality?

    Who Are You?

    Understand how you feel about seismic data can help improve analysis.

What People Say

“Your work and software helped make a map that changed our development and drilling program completely. It put the company on a trajectory for success whereas the old development plan lead to failure.”

—  Reservoir Engineer, E&P Operator

Maximum Results 

Minimal Time

It's easy to get started. Contact us to fast-track your interpretations.