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Glasses that transforms seismic attributes to plain geology.

Services & software to transform seismic data to geology

Seismic derived attributes in geological terms. 

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News: QI-Pro Petrel plugin now available on DELFI and the Ocean store

Rapid Interpretation

Hybrid Intelligence enabled technology for maximum usefulness in minimal time.

Natural and vital component of a machine-learning, AI strategy.

Customer Care

Never a black-box. Expect transparency, always.

Waste Not

We use ALL the attributes to understand their relationships and reduce uncertainty.

Digitize cutoffs to apply to seismic data.

Events, News, and More

What's your G&G Personality?

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You are an elite class of mathematically-minded rock or wave experts who are deeply scientific and love precision. Unfortunately, your work can be underappreciated because it’s not well understood. QI-Pro can help you bridge this gap.

Picture of a person who represents the Interperatti persona.

The world of shapes and spatial relevance is far more interesting to you than mathematical models and formulae. QI-Pro speaks your language. QI-Pro is designed to empower a new generation of seismic-based geological interpretation.

Picture of a person who represents the Polygonist.

As the main geophysical contact in an asset team, it’s easy to feel “dipolar” You’re pulled in at least two and usually more directions and there are never enough hours in the day for you to feel caught up. You would love to investigate the seismic attributes in your data arsenal, but that requires a lot of your time, a precious commodity. Sound QI can provide the services and the tools to rapidly interpret your attribute volumes, so you can actually use them.

Picture of a person who represents the Dipoles.

When your log response has taken on a personality of its own, you need a way to quickly calibrate and understand what kind of rock you’re drilling through. You could wait weeks or months for lab results, or you could tie the well data to the seismic response to illuminate the complexity.

Picture of a person who represents the Seismic-skeptics.

What People Say

It made my day to receive the sections that Carl sent over. Satisfied is an understatement. Very pleased might be closer. Thrilled is probably

a better description.  

I really liked the deliberate methodical analysis and the way Carl walked us through each step as it was completed. 

—  Senior Geologist, O&G Company

Sound QI Pattern 1-04.png

Maximum Results 
Minimal Time

It's easy to get started. Contact us to fast-track your interpretations.
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