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A (not-so) secret society that takes symbols, formulae and parameters very seriously, in order to understand rocks and the seismic response in rigorous physics-based terms.
Sophisticated seismic transformation.

Because you’re often misunderstood as the scientist in the back room who’s generally focused on special projects, the asset teams you support may overlook the greater value of your detailed analyses and thoughtful input. In fact, they are possibly in awe of your intellect and may feel intimidated by the rocket science you’re so comfortable with. They probably don’t intentionally avoid you, they just think you prefer to work undisturbed to derive new and powerful theories, using and creating specialized tools.


Your work is intricate and requires focus. Not everyone can understand the nuances of the math, correct sequence of operations and parameter choices required to transform prestack reflectivity to elastic properties or construct a theoretical rock volume from nothing but equations and reasonable constraints. It’s understandable that you need time and sometimes solitude to follow an ephemeral mathematical thread leading to a revelation that, to the outside world, looks like magic.  This could also come across as anti-social and secretive. Other Interperatti can relate however, and so can we.


At the same time, do you ever feel like you’ve completed a massively complex and insightful project only for others to miss the significance of your results? You’re excited about what you’ve learned, so how can the asset team geologists and engineers be so indifferent? Shouldn’t they be slapping your back and lifting you onto their shoulders?

Interperatti Persona

It's not You... It's Me.

You’ve explained your logic in plain Math, and your breakthrough results are compelling and repeatable. Why are they staring back at you blankly when you’ve just demonstrated all the rock properties you’ve been able to extract from the seismic data. Don’t they know what this means?


Well, in short … no. You’re likely not speaking their language.

The geologist wants to know how your properties correspond to porous gas-filled sand, or high TOC shale, and the reservoir engineer wants to know if any of what you just said would convince her to change the drilling program or completions strategy.

You need an effective way to translate the value of your work to their world and, even better, make it interactive so everyone can visually follow the logical use of your products, and be confident in the geological results.

Helping Others Understand the Interperatti

QI-Pro for Quantitative Interpretation

The applications you use to create your attribute volumes are amazingly comprehensive and fit for that purpose, and you are comfortable in that environment. But, chances are, those applications are designed more for a technical expert like yourself than for straightforward geological explanations and demonstrations to the multidisciplinary team.

If your team loads your products into an interpretation package such as Transform or Petrel or Kingdom, perhaps they are using some inherent analytical and quantitative capabilities for multiple attribute interpretation. But are they able to creatively and interactively take your precise quantitative work and utilize it fully for a comprehensive prediction of the earth?  In real time? And then test classification sensitivity or geological scenarios or push the limits of the seismic resolution to investigate the integrity of thin bed interpretation? In real time? QI-Pro can do that.


QI-Pro delivers a platform that allows you to collaborate and demonstrate the value of your attributes in the geological domain. This helps you transform the conversation from formulae and algorithms to something the geologists and engineers can more easily digest. It also allows them to be part of the multi-attribute classification process. You can literally assign rock units, test multiple scenarios and pick the sweet spots together.


You can also use QI-Pro to QC the work of others. As the contractor or in-house service groups are making processing parameter assumptions and assessing outcomes, you can load preliminary volumes into QI-Pro to quickly test their validity before they move on to the next steps of the workflow.

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