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Machine-assisted, human-controlled interactive interpretation
Sound QI Nut for an Equation Bush

Seismic attributes can be a tough nut to crack.

  • How do you incorporate them into a geomodel?

  • How do you know which ones are the most relevant and which ones represent the actual geology?

  • How do you interpret what the attributes mean?

  • How do you coax the whole story from your seismic cube?

Welcome to attribute interpretation. Simplicity and speed.

QI-Pro is an interactive seismic attribute interpretation application that allows the entire asset team to collaboratively determine how to combine and translate seismic attributes into plain geology.  Which seismic-derived rock properties are most representative, relevant and useful to making decisions about exploration or development scenarios? Investigate in QI-Pro


Once your attribute volumes and well data are imported into QI-Pro, anyone can begin machine-assisted, human-controlled interactive interpretation.

Cracking that hard shell is unbelievably easy with QI-Pro

Here are some features you'll love...
Feel the need for speed?

QI-Pro allows interpreters to bypass cumbersome processes in typical quantitative analysis applications. No need to select complex parameters, run complicated workflows blindly or hire experts to press the buttons for you. Just real-time interactive interpretation in geologic terms.  See the results of your choices instantly - decide if they’re right.

Tired of losing impact when importing attributes into interpretation packages?

Preserve attribute data value and utilize ALL the available volumes in your interpretation. Then simply export your results and use them in your favorite 3D geomodeling or well-planning software.

Lost in translation?

Like any passionate technical specialist, Geophysicists just love their formulae and jargon, but most geologists think spatially and in terms of rock patterns, formations and properties. QI-Pro provides a common language and understanding of the subsurface to help reduce ambiguity and uncertainty.

Lack attributes?

No problem. Just load the attributes you have along with any well data, and let QI-Pro analyze and recommend the attributes that are most relevant. Get the most value out of anything you already have, before deciding to take on additional analysis.

Geophysical data science initiatives?

QI-Pro’s machine assist functionality can help your team gain early insight and reduce interpretation bias by objectively searching the attributes for geology. The interpreter or interpretation team takes it from there.

Want to QC the integrity of your data volumes?

Whether you have an in-house team of QI experts or you outsource the analysis, you’ll want a way to QC the results to establish consistency and best practices. QI-Pro helps establish confidence.

“Your work and software helped make a map that changed our development and drilling program completely. It put the company on a trajectory for success whereas the old development plan lead to failure.”

Reservoir Engineer / International E&P Operator

Ready to change your outlook on attributes?

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