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Those adventurous personalities who are comfortable in the multiple polygon, geobody environment.
Crossplots, clusters, rock units and seismic
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As the resident optimist and creative genius of the asset team, your job is to identify optimal drilling locations in the reservoir and throughout the asset. Petroleum geologists, geomodelers and seismic interpreters are expected to find ‘reasons to drill, not kill’ a well.


You might feel as though your job is hindered by the slow pace of seismic reservoir characterization. Or perhaps you don’t feel you need fancy inversion attributes to reduce uncertainty and bias in your subsurface interpretations.


Polygonist Persona

But what happens as the market remains volatile and prices continue to fluctuate? Cube development of stacked shale plays where spacing is a major concern, and offshore assets that require substantial capital investment to drill, require an unprecedented level of detail to decrease risk and manage supply chains and logistics.


If companies have any hope of being profitable and competitive in this environment, they’ll need to lower their lifting costs and optimize their production strategies. This is the role seismic attributes play - they help asset teams identify and focus on money-making and money-saving activities.

But what’s that you say? You don’t speak seismic?

If you often feel like things are lost in translation between the QI Geophysicist and you, you’re not alone. It’s one of those barriers that inhibit asset teams from leveraging seismic attribute volumes to their fullest extent. Another obstacle is the time involved in iterative interpretation because the typical technology and tools used to modify, generate and interpret attribute volumes aren’t designed for geologists.


Work in an environment designed for Polygonists!


QI-Pro takes all the expertise and hard work produced by the QI geophysicist and presents it in an interactive workspace designed for interpreters who want to work in the geological context, without being inhibited (or intimidated) by the rocket science. We’ve removed the hurdles of technology and terminology, so you can rapidly interpret attribute volumes based on familiar terms and workflows.


It’s a win:win! The geophysicists get to work in the comfort of their tools generating the attributes, and you get to leverage that work and inject your knowledge of the reservoir into the interpretation process quicker and more comprehensively.  See geobodies instead of attributes.

Where the meaning is Revealed...

QI-Pro for Geologists

Classifying rock volumes has never been easier. Want to understand which properties are the most predictive in your marginal wells? Load the attributes and allow QI Pro’s Attribute Advisor to assist. Need a way to validate well log interpretations with seismic? Incorporate any available seismic attributes and begin classifying and sub-classifying volumes.

QI-Pro puts you in the driver's seat...

of interpretation and unlocks, “things in our data that we’ve never seen before,” said a Sr. Technical Specialist of a US Shale Operator.

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