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Using QI-Pro

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Nothing to Lose,

Everything to Gain

We created QI-Pro to liberate quantitative interpretation - to make it more accessible and meaningful to the whole integrated team.


While we love our attributes and think every asset team should be using them prior to drilling and completing, field development and production decision-making, we recognize the process can be quite long. The painstaking accuracy of the effort often means the attributes aren’t fully understood, leveraged or capitalized upon by other parts of the organization.  It’s the “hurry up and wait” game that makes modifying results or testing multiple scenarios painful and slow. Everyone is waiting on the seismic, and time is money.

Utilize QI-Pro to:

  • Optimize well placement and development strategy by predicting sweet-spots in a shale play with confidence.

  • Increase chance of success with exploration wells by accurately mapping pay.

  • Assess reservoir quality by understanding the porosity and fluid types of the formation.

  • Investigate quality and uncertainty in attribute and/or well log data.

  • Test sensitivity of attribute-based predictions for greater confidence. Visually understand the impact on rock classification.

  • Avoid faults and capitalize on fractures to optimize your drilling and completions strategy.

  • Generate meaningful multiple realizations of geological predictions for realistic ranges of volumes and rates.

  • Easily visualize dynamic reservoir changes by incorporating time-lapse attribute snapshots of the reservoir,

  • Involve expert human judgement (quite often neglected) in machine learning data analysis workflows.

Attributes for Everyone

No matter who you are, QI-Pro makes you

Look Good. 

Personality type Dipole


There are never enough hours in the day for you to feel caught up. You would love to investigate the seismic attributes in your data arsenal, but that requires a lot of your time, a precious commodity. Sound QI can provide the services and the tools to rapidly interpret your attribute volumes. 

Personality type - Polygonist


As a geologist, the world of shapes and spatial relevance is far more interesting than mathematical models and formulae. QI-Pro speaks your language and is designed to empower a new generation of seismic-based geological interpretation. 

Personality type - Interperatti


You are an elite class of highly specialized mathematicians that are deeply scientific and you love precision. Unfortunately, your work is often underappreciated because it's not well understood. QI-Pro can help you bridge this gap. 

Personality type -  Seismic-skeptics

Seismic Skeptics

When your log response has taken on a personality of its own, you need a way to quickly calibrate and understand what kind of rock you’re drilling through. You could wait weeks or months for lab results, or you could tie the well data to the seismic response to illuminate the complexity.

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